Thousands of residents, schools, churches, and businesses generously donate food to the Harvest Hope Food Bank each year through a variety of corporate, civic, and holiday food drives. See below, on how you can help make a difference in the community by hosting a food drive. 

What is a Food Drive?
A food drive is a concentrated effort to collect non-perishable food in a certain time period. You and/or your organization will work with Harvest Hope Food Bank in coordinating your organization’s food drive. If you would like to learn about our virtual food drives click here.

Food Drive Kit
We have cooperated a Food Drive Kit, which will help you along with way of running and coordinating a food drive. 

The kit includes fun ideas, a check list, our most need items, our official food drive poster, and more information about us. If you would like to download this full kit please click here

Harvest Hope Food Bank has Food Drive Boxes, which can be borrowed for your food drive. Each box will hold between 100 and 150 cans of food. If you will need boxes, please notify Harvest Hope at the beginning of your food drive. You are free to decorate these boxes, as needed. You are also free to use your own boxes, if you have any.

Transportation of Food
Groups are encouraged to deliver boxes to Harvest Hope Food Bank. You are free to deliver donations anytime Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. However, if the amount of food is too great to be transported by car, please contact us for a pick-up (please allow a minimum 48 hour notice). 

**During our peak seasons (Thanksgiving / Christmas) we encourage a 1 week notice, to ensure a pickup slot is reserved**

Get more tips for your food drive!

Ready to host your food drive? Click here  to fill out our Food Drive Form, this will be used to coordinate your food drive. We will get back with you as soon as possible. ***


If you are an individual or business interested in sponsoring a food drive, and have additional questions please contact our Food Drive Coordinator at: (803) 254-4432 ext. 3100 or email us.

How long do I have to run my food drive? You are free to run your food drive for however long you would like. Two weeks, three days, a whole year, the choice is up to you.

Can I use my own boxes? Yes! This helps us out by saving resources, but we do provide boxes if needed. 

Are there any requirements, for me to do a food drive? No, anyone no matter how young or old can run a food drive. You can do something small as an individual, or something large as a group/team.

Is there any items that you won’t accept? We cannot accept perishable items such as meat, and eggs from the public due to food safety reasons. We cannot accept clothing, furniture, or medicine either. 

I ran a food drive, but I would like to drop off the donations myself. Is this possible? Absolutely yes! You are free to bring it to one of our three branches anytime Monday – Friday from 9am – 3:00pm.

I work during the hours of drop off time, can I bring the donations by on the weekend? Sadly, we are not open during the weekend. Please call (803) 254-4432 ext. 3100 or email Food Drive if that is the case. There might be a company hosting a public food drive or a partner agency in the area that will accept the donations during the weekend.

Our church/organization would like receive donations, from Harvest Hope for our own food pantry. What is all needed to do so?  This falls under being a Partner Agency. Please call 803-254-4432 and advise that you would like information on being a Partner Agency. The operator will connect you to the correct contact person.