Thousands of residents, schools, churches, and businesses generously donate food to the Harvest Hope Food Bank each year through a variety of corporate, civic, and holiday food drives.

What is a Food Drive?

A food drive is a concentrated effort to collect non-perishable food in a certain time period. You and/or your organization will work with Harvest Hope Food Bank in coordinating your organization’s food drive. If you would like to learn about our virtual food drives click here.

For a printable PDF of our most recent food drive flyer listing our most needed items please click here.


If you are an individual or business interested in sponsoring a food drive, contact our Food Drive Coordinator at:

Please contact our Greenville Office (864) 281-3995 ext. 3100 or email Food Drive

Please contact our Florence Office (843) 661-0826 ext. 3100 or email Food Drive

Please contact our Columbia Office (803) 254-4432 ext. 3100 or email Food Drive


Common Questions to ask yourself before starting a Food Drive:

  • Who will be the representative of your food drive?
  • What dates do you want your Food Drive to occur?
  • Do you want the Food Drive to have a theme, such as Feed the Needy?
  • Do you have containers to put food in or do you need some barrels from the Food Bank? (You can pick up food collection barrels at any of our warehouse locations. If you need more than two you can call our office to request a delivery.)
  • Where are you going to place your containers to collect food (in each classroom, in the lunch room, in the office, etc.)
  • How will you let people know about the Food Drive? (daily announcements, flyers, posters, newsletters, etc.)
  • Will there be an incentive for participants?
  • Is there a designated person who will deliver the food to the Food Bank or does the Food Bank need to pick up the food at the end of the Food Drive?


Place containers in central areas that are easily accessible. Harvest Hope Food Bank has Food Drive Boxes that can be borrowed for your food drive. Each box will hold between 100 and 150 pounds of food. If you will need boxes, please notify Harvest Hope at the beginning of your food drive.

Transportation of Food

Groups are encouraged to deliver boxes to Harvest Hope Food Bank. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. However, if the amount of food is too great to be transported by car, please contact us for a pick-up (please allow a minimum 48 hour notice). 

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