“You have to swallow your pride to go someplace to ask for help, but that’s what Harvest Hope is there for. At least they are there to help people get through a difficult time.” - 61-year-old married couple

For more than four years Harvest Hope has experienced a continuing increase in the number of people coming to us for food, and has seen how poverty and hunger impacts the lives of many who never thought they would be forced to ask for help. The face of poverty and hunger is likely the face of your next door neighbor, or someone equally as close to you. They may be someone in your family – an aunt or uncle, someone living on a fixed income who struggles daily to put food on their table. Many are too proud to admit that after a life of hard work they find themselves in need of help from others. They starve in silence.

“I have a job but expenses are hard to meet and I have to prioritize my resources. I learned to survive in a different way. The hardest part is accepting that I cannot provide for my family.” - 46 year old female