More than 96,000 school age children in the Upstate qualify for free or reduced-price meals through the National School Lunch Program. Many of their parents work multiple jobs to try to make ends meet and rely on the program to help keep their children fed. When these children go home on the weekend, they may not have a full meal available. Not knowing where their next meal is coming from is a terrible feeling.

There is never enough money to fulfill all of these needs, so Ingles and Harvest Hope Food Bank partnered to develop the Fill A Backpack program. This program is designed to help meet the needs of these at risk children in the Upstate through donations collected in the local stores. The cost to Fill A Backpack is $7.50, and provides 7 meals and 2 snacks to a child in need. 

The Ingle’s Fill A Backpack program has collected enough donations to fill over 10,000 backpacks in the 3 years of helping at risk children get nutritious and easy-to-prepare food on the weekends. 
Harvest Hope Food Bank covers Greenville and Laurens Counties and coordinates with two other food banks in the Upstate. Second Harvest Food Bank covers Spartanburg County and Golden Harvest Food Bank covers Anderson, Pickens and Oconee Counties. Donations stay in the county they are collected in. 

Don’t forget, if you cannot make it to an Ingles you can still donate here!