• Students From Meadow Glen Middle School

    January 15, 2016

    Lexington One Meadow Glen Middle School is an Expeditionary Learning School that seeks to solve real world problems. As part of an 8th grade expedition entitled, "Take a Stand", the students worked together to reach a goal of collecting 2,015 non-perishable food items for Harvest Hope Food Bank as an effort to help those affected by the South Carolina flood of 2015. The students surpassed their goal, and on Friday, December 17, 2015, twenty-two 8th grade students traveled to Harvest Hope Food Bank on Shop Road to present their donations.  Here are a few photos from the day!


  • Doug Groendyke:  The Road Warrior

    January 12, 2016

    Today, we shine the spotlight on a new employee, Doug Groendyke, Farm and Produce Donations Coordinator. We are thrilled about Doug and his solutions for knocking out the hunger problem in South Carolina.

    Doug comes from New Jersey, bringing his grit, hustle and determination to the Palmetto State.  Doug didn’t come here to chew bubble gum.  He is always on the move!  A “Road Warrior Against Hunger,” Doug travels all over the state reaching out to growers, wholesalers and manufacturers in our vast service area that supply tax-deductible donations of produce, meat, dairy, and poultry.

    As Farm and Produce Donations Coordinator, Doug is firm about improving the food products that our clients need.  We asked Doug about his goals for Harvest Hope.  Doug replied, “I am going to visit every farm, road stand and farmers market in the 20 counties that we serve. I seek to build and strengthen those relationships.”  By building these long term relationships, Harvest Hope will be provided with an abundance of quality produce.  In turn, this will better serve our clients by providing them with more nutritious meals.

    Doug also mentioned to us that everyone(including children and seniors) should eat their fruits and vegetables!

    So basically, Doug rocks!  We are psyched to have him as a part of the team.  Welcome aboard!

  • Aziz Ansari tweets Harvest Hope Food Bank

    December 28, 2015

    The aftermath of the flood was a crazy time for us these past few months.  One of the best uplifting moments we had was when Aziz Ansari tweeted out our website's donate link .  This provided incredible motivation for us when we were working around the clock.

    Recognition from a celeb like Aziz Ansari is a really big deal for Harvest Hope.  He has over 8.5 million twitter followers!  For those of you that are unfamiliar with Mr. Ansari and his work, he is a South Carolinian actor and comedian known for his appearance in the NBC television show Parks and Recreation.  You can also check out his comedy series on Netflix called Master of None.