Highlighting Mrs. Patricia Moore-Pastides: 2017 Michael J. Mungo Humanitarian Award Honoree

March 09, 2017

The Michael J. Mungo Humanitarian Award is presented to an individual, or individuals, who have shown the same fierce dedication to laying the foundation of a stronger community that was displayed by Mr. Mungo, the award’s namesake.

Michael J. Mungo, one of the founders and strongest advocates of Harvest Hope Food Bank, knew the struggles of growing up without a reliable food source. With such experience and determination, Mr. Mungo worked tirelessly to ensure that others who faced hunger were able to receive help.

Like Mr. Mungo, recipients of this award have exhibited remarkable devotion to helping the hungry through volunteerism, advocacy, education, and to constructing a community framework to help those in need.  We’re proud to recognize Mrs. Moore-Pastides, a noteworthy South Carolinian with the same dedication to improve the community as Mr. Mungo.

Mrs. Patricia Moore-Pastides, the First Lady of the University of South Carolina, is an accomplished public health professional and author of two nationally recognized award-winning books.

In addition, Patricia was the driving force behind the foundation of The Gamecock Pantry, a Harvest Hope agency partner.  The goal of the pantry, located on central campus, is to serve the USC campus community by providing food aid and to provide resources to enhance the community’s overall well-being.

With a passion for healthy cooking, personal health education, Mrs. Moore-Pastides also teaches Mediterranean cooking classes at Columbia's Cooking, an interactive community cooking program offered by the University's Cancer Prevention and Control Program. She also teaches Healthy Mediterranean Cooking at USC in the department of Hospitality, Retail and Sports Management. She speaks to groups of all ages statewide to promote the traditional Mediterranean diet to improve health.

She cultivates an organic vegetable garden to provide food for university events and the Healthy Carolina Farmers’ Market and works closely with the Campus Wellness Committee.

With royalties from her books, she supports health and sustainability initiatives on campus including vegetable gardens across the USC system. Her hope is that all 13 campuses will eventually grow vegetables together with community partners in an effort to fight food deserts in urban and rural South Carolina.

For her dedication to using hands-on education to encourage healthy lifestyles and outstanding contributions to on-campus and community wellness programs, we’re honored to recognize Mrs. Patricia Moore-Pastides for her work around South Carolina. Your dedication to neighbors who are hungry or in need reflect the same values of Michael J. Mungo, and we’re thankful to have a humanitarian like you within our community.

Please join us to honor Mrs. Patricia Moore-Pastides in-person at our 36th Annual Harvest Hope Gala next week, March 10th at 6 pm.