• Food From the Heart 2016

    April 06, 2016


    The 8th Annual “Food from the Heart” food drive is being held this Saturday, April 9th.  Dozens of grocery stores in Richland and Lexington Counties will be taking part in the event, collecting donations for Harvest Hope Food Bank.  This local mission food drive organized and worked by over 700 volunteers from Shandon Baptist and Northside Baptist Churches.  Members position themselves on the outside of stores to offer shoppers the opportunity to take a red “Food from The Heart” grocery bag and participate by purchasing as few or as many products off a list of suggested items.  Suggested items include canned goods, rice, beans, diapers, baby food and other items.

    From there, they will be taken out to local food pantries and soup kitchens.  Last year the food drive collected more than 150,000 pounds of food.

    Here is a list of locations:


    Aldi – 6074 St. Andrews Road
    Bi-Lo – 3315-B Broad River Road
    Bi-Lo – 7830 Garners Ferry Road
    Bi-Lo – 9003 Two Notch Road
    Bi-Lo – 2230 Decker Boulevard
    Bi-Lo – 4464 Devine Street
    Bi-Lo – 3900-B North Main Street
    Bi-Lo – 120 Forum Drive
    Bi-Lo – 4711-1 Forest Drive
    Bi-Lo – 6021 St. Andrews Road
    Food Lion – 7241 Broad River Road
    Food Lion – 1013 Broad River Road
    Kroger – 10136 Two Notch Road
    Kroger – 3403 Forest Drive
    Piggly Wiggly – 4033 West Beltline Boulevard
    Piggly Wiggly – 3818 Devine Street
    Sam’s – 5426 Forest Drive
    Sam’s – 350 Harbison Boulevard
    Walmart – 1326 Bush River Road
    Walmart – 5420 Forest Drive
    Walmart – 7520 Garners Ferry Road


    Food Lion – 1339 Dutch Fork Road


    Bi-Lo – 249 West Columbia Avenue
    IGA – 217 West Columbia Avenue
    Walmart – 115 East Church Road


    IGA – 135 Blythewood Road
    Bi-Lo – 2453 Charleston Highway
    Bi-Lo – 300 Knox Abbott Drive


    Bi-Lo – 1419 Chapin Road
    Bi-Lo – 7949 Broad River Road


    IGA – 185 Main Street


    4760 Augusta Highway

    Kroger – 7467 St. Andrews Road
    Walmart – 1180 Dutch Fork Road


    Bi-Lo – 421 Columbia Avenue
    Bi-Lo – 760 Highway 378
    Food Lion – 744B West Main Street
    Food Lion – 918 North Lake Drive
    Food Lion – 1856 South Lake Drive
    Piggly Wiggly – 1123 South Lake Drive
    Walmart – 5556 Sunset Boulevard
    Walmart – 1780 South Lake Drive


    IGA – 861 Pine Street


    Reid’s – 185 Main Street

    South Congaree:

    Aldi – 2930 Augusta Road
    Bi-Lo – 2916 Emanuel Church Road
    Bi-Lo – 2349 Augusta Road
    Food Lion – 675 Main Street
    Food Lion – 2250 Sunset Boulevard
    Food Lion – 3975 Platt Springs Road
    Walmart – 2401 Augusta Road

  • Among The Young At Heart

    March 28, 2016

    When compelled to help someone there is a keen intuition that takes place. Here at Harvest Hope Food Bank, our volunteers follow that feeling and strive to help others who are battling hunger on a daily basis. One such volunteer is Jestine Myers. Jestine volunteers in one our Emergency Food Pantries at Harvest Hope Food Bank. She is a very young 92 years of age and has enjoyed volunteering for the last 15 years. The choir at her church recently recognized her with a “Helping the Hungry” award. When asked what made her start volunteering in 2000, she said she had a close neighbor whose family was struggling with hunger at the time. She came to Harvest Hope to get them help and started volunteering ever since.

  • How Renee Started Volunteering

    March 10, 2016

    Ladies and gentlemen, meet Renee Collins. Renee is one of Harvest Hope Food Bank’s awesome volunteers! Renee was able to take a short break from her volunteer work to chat.

    When asked why she likes volunteering at Harvest Hope, she replied, “I see results, instantly...Here, you see the faces and you know that you are helping somebody ‘right now’ and it’s personal.” She added, “I loved it and just kept coming back."

    Renee and her autistic son started volunteering at Harvest Hope in 2012. “I wanted to give him a place where he could volunteer during the summer and on the days that he doesn’t have school,” said Renee. She also mentioned that another reason she decided to volunteer was to give her son the unique opportunity to develop work skills that would help him in the future.

    Volunteering at Harvest Hope is a great opportunity for young people to see how others experience the world and opens their eyes to something new.  It was great hearing about the reasons why Renee and her son give their time to the community through our organization. Thanks for sharing with us, Renee!

    If you know of anyone else with an interesting story to tell, like Renee’s, please let us know at alittle@harvesthope.org.