• How Renee Started Volunteering

    March 10, 2016

    Ladies and gentlemen, meet Renee Collins. Renee is one of Harvest Hope Food Bank’s awesome volunteers! Renee was able to take a short break from her volunteer work to chat.

    When asked why she likes volunteering at Harvest Hope, she replied, “I see results, instantly...Here, you see the faces and you know that you are helping somebody ‘right now’ and it’s personal.” She added, “I loved it and just kept coming back."

    Renee and her autistic son started volunteering at Harvest Hope in 2012. “I wanted to give him a place where he could volunteer during the summer and on the days that he doesn’t have school,” said Renee. She also mentioned that another reason she decided to volunteer was to give her son the unique opportunity to develop work skills that would help him in the future.

    Volunteering at Harvest Hope is a great opportunity for young people to see how others experience the world and opens their eyes to something new.  It was great hearing about the reasons why Renee and her son give their time to the community through our organization. Thanks for sharing with us, Renee!

    If you know of anyone else with an interesting story to tell, like Renee’s, please let us know at alittle@harvesthope.org.

  • Sam From Chicago

    January 20, 2016

    One thing we are going to experiment with, in the near future, is audio podcasts from the food bank.  The purpose is to bring you under our roof so you can see what, exactly, goes on here.  Most people think we are just a food pantry and don't understand we are more comparable to a 50 million dollar company.

    Earlier last week I ran into Sam who was volunteering at one of our 4 food pantries.   He's a former golf pro from Chicago (AKA the Windy City).  When Sam isn't working on his golf swing, he spends much of his free time volunteering at Harvest Hope. 

    It was really entertaining listening to him talk about his experience.  Sam is a really nice guy who is really excited about working here at Harvest Hope.

    Sam's personality really started to shine through the more I talked to him.  He's good people!  I'm glad that I took some time to get to know him a little better. Check out the audio recording of our conversation below.

  • Students From Meadow Glen Middle School

    January 15, 2016

    Lexington One Meadow Glen Middle School is an Expeditionary Learning School that seeks to solve real world problems. As part of an 8th grade expedition entitled, "Take a Stand", the students worked together to reach a goal of collecting 2,015 non-perishable food items for Harvest Hope Food Bank as an effort to help those affected by the South Carolina flood of 2015. The students surpassed their goal, and on Friday, December 17, 2015, twenty-two 8th grade students traveled to Harvest Hope Food Bank on Shop Road to present their donations.  Here are a few photos from the day!