Harvest Hope - Serving the Needs of Our Community

November 20, 2012

Everyone at Harvest Hope Food Bank knows today will be the busiest day of the year. Last year on the Monday before Thanksgiving our Shop Road and 12th Street Emergency Food Pantries provided food for 847 households. Yesterday the lines were long by 7:30 am at our Emergency Food Pantries and we served 888 total households. The lines were even longer this morning at our Emergency Food Pantries and we know there will be many struggling families at our doorstep.

What does it take to provide food for this many households in just one day? Our hardworking and dedicated staff and our valuable and compassionate volunteers. We would love to let your viewers know how the Harvest Hope team works to provide food for our neighbors in need during a week dedicated to giving thanks, as well as let your viewers know what they can do to help make sure we have the food needed to provide for so many. Pease come see us TODAY at Harvest Hope and talk to our staff members or volunteers and see why they believe so strongly in helping serve the community they live in.

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