Panera Bread Donates $4,500 to Help Fight Child Hunger

August 9, 2019

Panera Bread Donates $4,500 to Help Fight Child Hunger

Harvest Hope Food Bank representatives traveled to the Garner’s Ferry Panera Bread Tuesday morning to receive a substantial donation. Danielle Covelli, of Covelli Enterprises, presented the non-profit with a $4,500 check.

All seven Midlands Panera locations, owned by Covelli Enterprises, took part in the “round up” program to raise money for Harvest Hope. Each customer was presented with the option of rounding their order’s total up to the next dollar for the cause throughout May and June.

“This is a crucial time to partner with Harvest Hope since 4,400 children in the Midlands during the summer months are food insecure,” Covelli said. “We love to work with organizations that we know are helping our local community, and that’s what Harvest Hope is doing.”

Harvest Hope CEO Wendy Broderick voiced her appreciation on behalf of the clients who will receive meals from the Panera funds. “We see this kind and generous $4,500 donation. What you don’t see yet is the 23,000 meals that will be served to hungry kids in our community because of this gift from Panera. So from all of those kids who are served because of you, we thank you,” she said.

According to Covelli, Panera chose to partner with Harvest Hope for the summer months specifically to provide for children who are in need of meals while they are not in school.

Story by Cola Daily

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