South Carolina Retailers Donate to Feed the Hungry

February 28, 2018

The South Carolina Retail Association and its retail member companies presented $37,000 in food and cash contributions to the state’s food banks.  The presentation took place during a press conference at the South Carolina Legislative Building and included cash and in-kind donations that will go a long way toward hunger relief.  The donations are a reminder that 1.1 million South Carolinians—1 in 5—need food assistance each year.

Sally West, South Carolina Retail Association

 “The retail industry supports the state’s food banks day in and day out and it is our purpose today to shine a light on the serious need to help South Carolina’s residents who experience food insecurity,” said South Carolina Retail Association Chairman Sally West who presented South Carolina food banks with a $14,000 cash contribution from the Retail Association. “The Feeding America food banks in South Carolina cover all 46 counties and provide food assistance for an estimated 794,000 people annually.  It is the South Carolina Retail Association’s sincere hope that this event will receive press coverage so that others who hear the message will be motivated to dig a little deeper, buy a few extra canned goods when they do their shopping and contribute to or volunteer at the Food Banks across our state.”

Senator Thomas Alexander, Chairman of the Senate Labor Commerce and Industry Committee was in attendance and reiterated the need for organizations to feed the hungry.  “We always need additional partners. We need people that are willing to give their time, we need folks willing to give food and have food drives, and we always have room for people to give money. So together, we’re trying to make the lives of South Carolinians, from the youngest to our most senior population have food security,” said Senator Alexander. “On behalf of the citizens of South Carolina, I say thank you to the SC Retail Association for your leadership and your efforts to make it work for all of us in South Carolina. Thank you for leading by example.”

Participating retailers included Badcock Home Furniture & More, Floco Foods operating as KJ’s Market and IGA, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Publix, and Walgreens.  These retailers donated cash and truckloads of product valued at $23,000 for people across the state.  In-kind donations of canned goods, peanut butter, rice and paper hygiene products will be particularly helpful as the organization works to meet a variety of needs facing South Carolinians.

Denise Holland, CEO of Harvest Hope Food Bank accepted the South Carolina Retail Association’s financial contribution.  “We are very grateful for our partnership with the SC Retail Association. During the last three years, they have collaborated with Harvest Hope Food Bank during times of disaster, like Hurricane Matthew and the floods, to distribute over $6 million worth of product,” said Mrs. Holland. “The four South Carolina food banks celebrate our on-going relationships with these retailers who have helped feed the hungry, while reducing organic waste in local landfills through our partnership with Don’t Waste Food – South Carolina. The donations by these retailers have helped keep 11,000 pounds of organic waste out of local landfills by diverting useable food to those in need.”

In addition to Harvest Hope Food Bank, attendees included board members, representatives of the South Carolina Association, and other partnering food banks across the state.

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