Volunteer Spotlight: Luther

December 11, 2015

Luther(pictured right) is committed to Harvest Hope and to our Backpack Program.  Luther, a retired principal, gets food ready weekly for one of our 80+ sites .  Under Danielle's(Child Feeding Coordinator at Harvest Hope) direction, Luther assists in distributing 32,000 meals a week for hungry kids around our state.

Luther comes in to work 3 days a week for 4-6 hours each day.  The sites(ex. faith partners and corporations) receive the pallets and then pack the food into backpacks.  The backpacks are then distributed by the school counselor when they reach their final destination.

“Danielle is absolutely critical to the program…We are a team!”, said Luther.  Danielle has taken the program to a new level since she arrived at Harvest Hope Food Bank.  When she arrived we were only serving 1200 children a week but now we are serving over 3200 children.  Our mission is not complete though with over 170,000 children around our 20 counties at risk for hunger.  If you would like to help, only $270 can provide weekend meals for a child throughout the entire school year.  

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