Greenville YLB

Greenville YLB

2017-2018 Youth Leadership Board Member Application

Please review the calendar and membership responsibilities. Once you have done so, fill out the application form at the bottom of the page. 

As a member of the Harvest Hope Youth Leadership Board, I understand that I must adhere to the following:

  • Show compassion & a desire to serve people in need.
  • Serve as an ambassador for Harvest Hope and YLB in your school and community.
  • Arrive on time and prepared to all meetings and events.
  • Assist with fundraising, foodraising, and event planning for all assigned projects.
  • Commit to attend the 12 YLB events throughout the year (~20 total volunteer hours).*
  • Actively engage in discussions and show respect to your YLB peers and leaders.

* Excused absences with prior notification include, but are not limited to: illness, death in the family, mandatory athletic event or other approved commitments.  Each member is expected to attend at least ten of the twelve YLB activities.