Five Things to Know About Year-End Giving

Five Things to Know About Year-End Giving

Dec 15, 2021


The season for giving is upon us. It is a great time to reflect on the year past and make powerful contributions to the future. Below are some things you may want to keep in mind during year-end giving, and beyond, to make the most out of your donations. 

1. Monthly Donations
Monthly Donations are a stress-free, time effective way to make an impact on your local community year-round. If you're on a set budget, but still want to make a difference, you can make a donation that fits your monthly budget. To become a monthly donor at Harvest Hope, simply click the 'Monthly' box when you check out. This will send Harvest Hope any amount you choose each month without having to visit our site each month.

2. IRA Donations
When donating to a qualified charity, like Harvest Hope, you can use money directly from your IRA account. By donating directly from your IRA account, you can avoid withdrawal taxes on the money you donate. This can be especially beneficial for those who may have required minimum deductions that they are trying to meet. To get more in-depth information on how to donate from an IRA account, check out this article from Investopedia

3. Planned Giving
Planned giving is a meaningful way to make a donation to Harvest Hope, even if there isn't space in your yearly budget. By including Harvest Hope in your will, you can build an impactful legacy. You can also include Harvest Hope in your will as a tribute to a friend or family member. Most importantly, it can allow you to fuel the fight for a hunger-free tomorrow through your legacy.

4. Employee Match Programs
Many companies participate in programs where they will match the donation of giving to a qualified charity like Harvest Hope. This allows participants to give twice as much to the hunger cause here in South Carolina. If you are not sure whether your company has a program, you can reach out to your supervisor about employee matching.  If you want to really make a difference, you can even start or encourage an Employee Match Program at your company. Double Donation has crafted a list of the Top 30 Matching Gift Companies for you to check out. Did your company make the list? 

5. Tax Deductions
Did you know that you can receive tax benefits when you donate to a qualified charity like Harvest Hope? To get these tax breaks, make sure you ask for a receipt when you are donating. Harvest Hope will automatically provide one by email or mail upon processing each donation. You can then use your receipt when filing taxes to get benefits for your charitable giving. Refer to the IRS website for more on how to receive your tax deductions on charitable giving.

Make your year-end gift today here, or mail to PO Box 451, Columbia, SC 29202. Together, we are building a hunger-free tomorrow.