Building a hunger-free tomorrow

Working together with partners across our communities to ensure no table is empty tonight.

1 in 9 South Carolinians struggle with hunger.

People can't function when they are hungry, and many of our neighbors are unable to afford basic needs like groceries.

We provide over 20 million meals across our service area each year.

We rescue, pack, transport, and deliver nutritious food to soup kitchens, shelters, food pantries, and schools in twenty counties in South Carolina.

Which helps neighbors in 20 counties put food on their tables and have hope for a better tomorrow.

We provide hope and security by meeting basic human needs with dignity and compassion.

It's Hunger Action Month

Food Shouldn't Be An Impossible Choice

For millions of people in America, almost half a million right here in South Carolina, a daily meal can often be an impossible choice between food and other critical needs – like medicine, utilities, or childcare. It’s not the choice of what to eat. The choice is if they eat.