Child Feeding Programs

Harvest Hope feeds hungry children through our BackPack programs, which provide meals and high nutrition snacks for children after school. 

Many children only eat at school, and dread going home for the weekend when they know they will be hungry. Backpack programs operate during the school year and provide children who are at risk of hunger with healthy nutritious food to take home for the weekend, during school vacations, and on holidays. 

Backpacks or other containers are stocked with nutritious, child-friendly and easy to prepare food. They are typically distributed discreetly on Fridays or the last day children attend school for the week. We strive to fill each child’s backpack with enough food for dinner on Friday and breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks on Saturday and Sunday.

If you are interested in donating or want additional information on how you can help, please contact us at

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Senior Feeding Programs

Senior citizens are valuable members of our community. Unfortunately, they’re also often neglected. The CSFP program offers needed assistance and welcome companionship.

Commodity Supplemental Food Program

Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) gives thousands of low-income individuals access to healthy food. CSFP is a USDA nutrition program that offers free monthly nutrition information and nutritious foods such as: canned fruit, vegetables, meat, cereal, cheese, fruit juice, and pasta. Eligibility is based on age, income, and residency. The CSFP program is available in the following counties: Darlington, Dillon, Fairfield, Florence, Greenville, Kershaw, Lexington, Lee, Orangeburg, Richland, and Sumter Counties. Interested individuals must apply in-person at a participating site.   

CSFP Eligibility Requirements

  • 60 years of age and older and resides in the counties listed above.
  • Individual and/or household income will be used to determine eligibility.
  • In order for a recipient or household to be eligible to receive CSFP commodities, clients must have a valid picture ID and their income must fall within the guidelines listed on the CSFP Eligibility Guidelines chart.
Household SizePer YearPer MonthPer Week
Amount per person above 8$6,682$557$129

To learn more about this program, please contact us at This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Mobile Food Pantries

For clients in rural areas of South Carolina, grocery stores and other sources of nutritious food may be few and far between. That’s why mobile food pantries are so important to many communities. These pantries bring food to central distribution sites for families who are otherwise unable to travel the long distances often necessary to get food in rural areas.

Harvest Hope coordinates with local service agencies to organize distribution through our Mobile Food Pantries. Our MFP trucks deliver the boxed food to specific locations where local volunteers operate registration stations, sign in clients and coordinate service delivery to individuals suffering from hunger. In addition to nonperishable product, fresh produce is also distributed on a seasonal basis. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a mobile food pantry or have questions, please contact Jason Kale at

USDA Commodities

An agreement between the South Carolina Department of Agriculture and the South Carolina Food Bank Association allows Harvest Hope to receive and distribute all USDA commodities (such as dry milk, canned fruits, and canned vegetables) for the state.  Food is allocated by poverty population figures and distributed to four other food banks where it is disbursed to over 1,300 non-profit agencies across South Carolina.

Click here to review the USDA Non-Discrimination Disclaimer.

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) or USDA Commodities

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) or USDA Commodity Program, provides low-income individuals and households with surplus commodities donated by USDA. This program is designed to supplement the nutritional needs of program eligible individuals and households, but is not designed to satisfy all hunger needs or nutritional requirements of participating individuals or households.

TEFAP/USDA Client Eligibility Requirements

In order for a recipient or household to be eligible to receive TEFAP commodities, clients must have a valid picture ID and their income must fall within the guidelines listed on the TEFAP Eligibility Guidelines chart below. Recipients must live within the geographic service area of the distribution site.

Household SizePer Yearper MonthPer Week
Amount per person above 8$7,710$643$148

Hope to Heroes Veteran Program

The Palmetto Pathfinder Program is a South Carolina Veteran peer-support program that provides personal support for transitioning Veterans by connecting them to relevant resources and services in their community (such as Harvest Hope) and assist them in accomplishing their personal and professional goals and thrive after military service.

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