Your gift has never mattered more.

Turn hunger into hope.

Record inflation is pressuring already stretched budgets, especially this holiday season. With the winter months bringing higher energy bills, no one should have to choose between eating and staying warm. We need the community's help to meet the growing need. We have to look out for each other, making sure that everyone has enough to eat.

Delores' StoryDelores smiling in her car

Delores has been unsure of where her family's next meal is going to come from, due to lost wages from the pandemic. She has struggled to keep her pantry full for her kids. As she visited our drive-through food pantry, she says she was "filled with hope" as she was able to get a trunk full of groceries for herself and to share with her neighbors who didn't have transportation.

What does my donation go toward?

We are able to purchase food in bulk to stretch dollars much further than the average grocery store shopper, so we're able to stretch financial donations to feed a lot of hungry people. Just $1 help provides enough food for 4 meals!


Help us help them.

Long lines of cars are a new normal at our food pantries. Our neighbors need our help, and we need your support to continue to build a hunger-free tomorrow.