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With your help, we can stop hunger.

Everyone deserves enough to eat. You can directly prevent suffering in our community by helping Harvest Hope feed people in need!


Volunteers like you save Harvest Hope over a million dollars in staffing costs each year, which in turn allows us to direct funds to providing food for hungry people in South Carolina.


Cash donations allow us to expand operations to meet the increasing service demand, especially in rural communities and food deserts where grocery stores don’t operate.

Donate Food

Last year, through food drives and local community events, you provided canned goods and non-perishable food items needed to supplement our fresh and frozen product donated by local farmers, retailers, and food wholesalers.

Host a Food Drive

A food drive is a concentrated effort to collect non-perishable food in a certain time period. When your food drive is over, Harvest Hope can pick up the food, or you can deliver it to one of our three locations.